Workflow 2.0—design-driven project management

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Clair Byrd
  •  Jan 21, 2016
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Update 1/21/2016: Since releasing Workflow, we’ve been focused on making this design-driven project management tool even better. Today, we’re excited to show you how we’ve made this tool more powerful for you and your team.

Crystal-clear project assignments

Workflow lets you easily view and organize screens within your project. Now, using the Details tab, you can assign screens to any collaborator on the prototype. Project managers, you can assign a due date and time, and color code the change for added attention. Include a description of the request, and use the progress bar to track movement over time.

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Easier project tracking

Keep track of project progress using the Activity tab, a feature coming in just a few weeks in the new Workflow. At a glance, see activity for each specific screen, as well as who made what changes and when.

Build better prototypes

Sometimes you know you’ll need a particular screen, but your team just hasn’t had a chance to build it yet. With Workflow, you can add a placeholder screen to your project to create even more accurate prototypes. Then, add hotspots to your placeholder for more clarity.

Meet Workflow by InVision—a new, visual way to manage your design projects without interrupting your design flow. Now, you can manage your project screens and statuses from one single location, easily see unread comments, get previews of screens without leaving the page, and notify team members when changes to screen status are made.

Simply drag and drop screens between project status columns to manage progress and keep your projects up to date. Plus, you can change screen statuses from build-mode and those changes will automatically update in your Workflow.

And for enterprises, you can customize your Workflow any way you’d like: add and remove columns, rearrange them, change their names—make it work for your organization.

To start using your new Workflow project management feature in InVision, simply:

  1. Pull up any InVision project
  2. Click Workflow in your project navigation
  3. Drag screens into their respective status columns and get organized

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