Design and prototype for the iPhone X with InVision

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Kaysie Garza
  •  Oct 31, 2017
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Technology and the devices you design for are changing faster every day. That’s why we’re giving you the power to help design for the future of the smartphone—with a new device type for prototypes right inside InVision.

Apple’s iPhone X, complete with rounded edge-to-edge display and an updated aspect ratio, changes how you’ll design. Not only do you need to accommodate the new screen size, but you also have to design around the notch.

New notch? No problem. Choose the iPhone X as a device type the moment you start working.

How to prototype for the iPhone X in InVision

Getting started is quick and easy. Pick the iPhone X as your device type in Craft Sync. Then, configure it to suit your design needs. You’ll see options to:

  • adjust the background
  • change the foreground from dark to light
  • display in landscape or portrait mode
  • pick whether the design should start below the status bar

Already created a design for a different device? No worries—you can select Change Type from the top menu to preview existing iPhone and Android designs in an iPhone X skin.

That’s it! In just a few clicks, you and your team have the ability to create up-to-date prototypes for the latest smartphone technology.

Ready to get started? Create your first iPhone X prototype now, in seconds.

Create your prototype now!

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