Velocity: A dashboard UI kit

Velocity: A dashboard UI kit

Beep beep. Meet Velocity, a UI kit for an imaginary self-driving car company. Borrow, remix, and remake for your own app.

This responsively-designed kit is the complete package—perfect for building SaaS apps or jumpstarting your next design system.

UI elements

Get a jumpstart on building your design system

An organized component sticker sheet in your Studio and Sketch file can help you stay organized and efficient. This also makes getting started in InVision’s Design System Manager a breeze.

Quickly design a responsive framework

Designers working on a responsive web experience need to design across small, medium, and large screen sizes to understand how each component should behave in different scenarios. But not all UI kits support that. The best results in design come when you think about the form and function components have across an app ecosystem. Velocity will take care of that for you—and set you up for a scalable source of design truth.

Learn from the details

This dashboard UI kit is a best-in-class example of how to set up a design system. Take your time, dig deep, and learn how you can apply these ideas to your next project. Understanding how shared components make up a design system will speed up your next project.

We’ve got you covered with 10 core page layouts

We know Velocity isn’t a real company, but it could be. This kit includes 10 core layouts with the following templates:
- Dashboard Home
- Analytics
- Vehicles Dashboard
- Service Reminders
- Map
- Chat
- User Profile
- Settings
- Sign In
- Sign up

Responsively designed

Designed for small, medium, and large screens so you can have a jump start on your next responsive framework.

Built for the most popular design tools

Made for Studio, Sketch, and Photoshop.

Free web font

Form comes with Rubik: An elegant, free web font.

Highly customizable

Easily-customizable color scheme that’s based on nested symbols and text styles.

Grab Velocity today

Grab Velocity today

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