Design Snack #3: Combining files in Photoshop

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Andy Orsow
  •  Apr 8, 2015
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When I first learned about this Photoshop trick, I felt so dumb.Twitter Logo

Having used photoshop for at least half my life, I’m still floored by the little things I’ve never seen or used. That’s one reason why we decided to start making these Design Snacks in the first place—because that sentiment is not uncommon.

What you’ll learn in this video:

How to consolidate random images and files into one single PSD without tediously dragging layers between files.

Prefer to read instead? Here’s how to do it:

To load multiple files into a single PSD, go to File ▸ Scripts ▸ Load Files into Stack then click Browse to choose your files, and when you’re done, click OK.

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