Designers show us their valentines

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Kaysie Garza,
Kristin Hillery
  •  Feb 12, 2018
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Roses are FF1919, violets are 1C86EE. We’ve curated a list of our most favorite valentines from designers on Dribbble, and it’s just for you.

Love Script, by Luke Southern. We like-like the typeface and cheery palette here so much.

OMG It’s You! by Adam Grason, who created this for a brand refresh. “I don’t get the chance to work on illustrated type much but when I do I try to push myself to the limit,” he says.

Girl You Got It Going On, by Katie Johnson. How brilliant is it that the text is in the shape of a heart?

Please Be My Boo, by Elena R. Harris. You can buy this adorable card on Etsy, and hopefully the recipient will never ghost you.

Whatever, by Jonathan Ball. Can’t help it—we’ve got strong feelings for this one.

Ahhh, Cupid with his wonderful Bézier curve. Love, by Mila Spasova.

Always, by Kaleigh Dandeneau. “Is this a subtle Blink-182 reference? Probably,” says Kaleigh. That makes us love it even more.

All you need is love. And ramen. Send Noods, by the incredible Allie Mounce. (You can buy the patch here.)

Cuddly Snails, by Irene Lee. “I would tell these bugs to get a room, but they’re pretty cute,” she says. Same.

A beautiful, cheesy love story. You Had Me At Pizza, by Kayla Meyer.
Fall in Love, a ridiculously adorable illustration by jeiselilla.

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