Designers’ mixtapes

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Margaret Kelsey
  •  Nov 6, 2015
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What you listen to can set the tone for your whole day. And as a designer, you have to make sure you’re priming yourself for creativity.

So this week, we asked a few of our favorite designers to recommend a song they love listening to while at work. Check out the individual contributors and their picks, and listen to the entire playlist at the bottom—it’s a designer-curated mixtape of creativity-boosting tracks.Twitter Logo

Gretchen Anderson, Director of Product Design, Auris Surgical Robotics

Susan Dybbs, Head of Design at Collective Health

Patrice Martin, Co-Lead + Creative Director at IDEO

Joshua Porter, Principal/Co-founder of Rocket Insights

Simona De Rosa, User Researcher at Twitter

Brian Yeung, Product Design Director

Andy Budd, CEO of Clearleft

Scott Sullivan, Applied Designer at Adaptive Path

Karen McGrane, Author of Going Responsive (coming in November)

Janet Crawford, Founder of Cascadance

Abi Jones, Interaction Designer at Google

Kevin M. Hoffman, Founder Seven Heads Design

Julie Stanford, Principal at Sliced Bread Design

Catriona Cornett, Director of Product Design at SalesforceIQ

Brad Nunnally, UX Designer

Uday Gajendar, Principal UX Consultant

Dan Saffer, VP of Product at Mayfield Robotics

For the whole mixtape:

What’s your favorite song to listen to while you’re working? Tell us on Twitter: @InvisionApp.

Header photo by stuart.childs. Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic.

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