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Clark Wimberly
  •  Aug 23, 2016
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In an ideal world, design would exist on a plane with art, a noble pursuit of one’s creative passions, unbound by time or outside influences. Back in the real world, we’ve got deadlines and budgets and development schedules to hit.

That’s not such a bad thing, really—some of the best solutions are born from constraintsTwitter Logo, designed and rethought with extreme efficiency in mind.

As screens change sizes and the product landscape continues to evolve, our designs need to be more flexible than ever. Pixel perfect is a thing of the past, and perhaps no one is more excited about that than developers who actually have to code these things we dream up.

With some planning and discussion, there are tons of small tweaks you can make to your workflow and design that will make life easier for you—and for your developers.

About the course

Designing with your developer in mind is an 8-part course delivered weekly, directly to your inbox. It’s filled with lessons and considerations that a modern designer needs to master to work effectively across party lines (with those wacky developers).

From early project discovery to using responsive design consistently, to working with fonts and icons to designing within frameworks, this course is filled with practical takeaways ready for action on your next project.

“Learn to work with developers, not against them, in this free e-course.”

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Each chapter is chock-full of insights and context links, which means your reading and learning can continue long after the course ends. Plus, this course is totally free. Head on over to the Designing with your developer in mind page to sign up.

About the author

Kevin Tomasso is a UX/UI Designer/Developer at Homes & Land. Look for him at the intersection of logical and beautiful. And bring tacos.