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Clark Wimberly
  •  Oct 27, 2016
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Typography is an odd beast. I think most of us would agree it’s a cornerstone of the design process, and yet it’s still so susceptible to autopilot. Grab some trendy fonts, pick a few sizes, call it a day.

The best designers (and the best products) know the importance of purposeful type design—to get beyond the default choices and establish interesting, helpful type systems.

It’s not exactly rocket science, but it does take a real understanding of some finer typographic principles, something some of us haven’t discussed since school days. We’re here to help.

About the course

Designing with type is an 9-part course delivered weekly, directly to your inbox. From basic typography terms to selecting font pairings to working with type on a grid, the course is filled with lessons that shine light in areas that we sometimes forget. Thoughtful typography elevates a productTwitter Logo, so don’t get caught mailing it in.

Each chapter is packed with examples and illustrations, providing instant context for what’s being explained. You’ll sound like a typographer in no time.

This e-course is totally free, delivered weekly straight to your inbox. Head on over to the Designing with type page to sign up.

About the author

Luke Jones is a product designer with a focus on the finer details of UI design and user research. Previously a senior visual designer at a large user-centred design agency, Luke now works as a designer for Hudl. You can find him on Twitter @LukeJones.

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