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Shakti Sotomayor
  •  Sep 9, 2016
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Dog lovers can all agree—one of the hardest parts of the work day is leaving our furry friends at home while we bring home the bacon (treats). But what if you didn’t have to? For some, every day is Bring Your Dog to Work Day.

We wanted to get to know your office pups, so this week we asked the InVision community to share a little about their pals with us. Plus, everyone likes a good dog article.


“He loves galloping up and down the hallways of our SoHo office.”

–Emma Luk, Senior Designer at CommonBond


“He loves to lay on his back on my fine Italian black leather couch.”

–Marco Cardamone, CEO at Merging Media

Willie Nelson

“He’s great at balancing things on his head.”

–Kirsten O’Loughlin, Designer at OneSpace


“Eric is a total gentleman.”

–Urska Saletinger, Project Manager at Infinum


“Peddy sneaks into our chairs whenever someone gets up. He especially loves the seat by the window, where he can keep an eye on our CEO.”

–Galit Gan, Creative Director at Whichit


“She loves to eat HDMI cables and steal socks.”

Carmen Liu, Service Designer at Rêve Consulting


“Tara snores all day.”

–Lilu Odedra, Director of Digital Resources at Propane Studio


“Riley lives a glamorous office dog life filled with body-shaking butt wiggling, posing for high-profile photo shoots, and checking out the latest Chewy blog on his iPad during his lunch break.”

–Marti Lobos, Quality Assurance at


“He’s been blind his whole life, but he loves his ball more than life itself.”

–Garrett Goldman, Managing Partner at State Creative


“Puck likes to sit on my lap while I work, which is especially nice in the winter time. He’s also a great ice breaker with clients when they come over for meetings. “

Wendy Lee Oldfield, Designer


“Known as the Chief Bin Inspector because he comes into the office every morning and methodically checks all the bins for leftover treats.”

–Hollie Doar, Junior UX Architect at BWM Dentsu


“He loves litter-picking in Manchester.”

David Gee, Creative Director at JAMcreative


“Bento was found on the street. He had a fever and his paw was broken in 7 places. ReclameAQUI adopted him.”

–Vitor Guerra, Dir. de Inovação at ReclameAQUI


“Our one-eyed princess likes to hide treats in the conference room.”

–Lara Ramirez, Account Executive at Caldwell Group


“Pusher talks to reporters and helps with fundraising.”

–Andrey Klen, CDO at Petcube

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