104 free, radical science icons

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Kristin Hillery
  •  Jul 25, 2017
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What do designers and chemists have in common? They both have all the solutions.

Hopefully that got some sort of reaction. We’ll give you a moment to stop laughing before we let you know that the Swifticons team just designed a pack of 104 free science icons that you can download here. They’re perfect for corporate presentations, web apps, print designs, websites, or just for experimentation.

What’s included

Download the pack, and you’ll get 104 icons in the following formats: AI, EPS, JPG, PDF, PNG, and SVG—oh, and there are filled, flat, and outlined options for each format. Here are a few of the icons illustrated in the pack:

  • Toxic barrel
  • Alien
  • Bacteria
  • Bomb
  • Moon
  • Brain
  • Mouse
  • Ugly virus
  • Telescope
  • Spaceship

Get them before they argon—download your free science icons now

We wanted to find out more about the human beings behind these icons, so we asked the Swifticons team a few questions.

What’s your icon design process like, from idea to final design?

We normally come up with a category brief that’s typically based on customer requests. There’s often a few specific icon ideas in there, but then the designers have a lot of freedom to start creating some awesome ideas and begin the process of putting the pack together.

We try to think of icons that will be useful for designers to have at their disposal, whether that’s practical interface icons, fun characters, etc.

What design tools do you use?

We mainly use Sketch and Illustrator. To make things easier for developers, we design all our icons on a precise 60px x 60px grid for consistency.

Do you have any tips for designers who want to start making icons?

Try to come up with your own style. Think about what icons you’d like to own and then make them. If nothing ever happens, you’ll end up with a custom set of cool icons that you wanted!

Do you have a favorite scientist?

Marie Curie. She did pioneering work on radioactivity probably at a time where it wasn’t always easy for women to be respected for the work that they did. She also helped set up mobile radiology units in the first world war and in the end was awarded with 2 Nobel prizes in physics and chemistry. That’s talent.

Want more? Then grab the whole Swifticons library of 2,360 icons for 30% off with the coupon code INVIS30APP!

We’d love to see how you use these icons. Send us a screenshot @InVisionApp.

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