Dribbble + InVision!

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Clark Wimberly
  •  Jun 25, 2015
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Sharing design early and often makes for better products. It’s why we built InVision, and it’s the reason communities like Dribbble are so wildly popular.

We’re excited to announce that starting today, you can share directly to Dribbble from inside InVision!

How to post to Dribbble from InVision

Making a shot from inside InVision is easy. In just a few clicks you can share any of your project’s screens. We even let you set the scene with devices (iPhones, iPads, etc.) and custom composition control.

  1. While viewing a screen (where you normally go to Build and Preview your prototypes), find the Social Share button in the bottom right corner
  2. Link your Dribbble account (you’ll only need to do this once)
  3. Create your Dribbble shot (you can zoom and drag to compose the scene, then scroll to adjust the viewport)
  4. Set your shot details, like title, tags, and description
  5. Hit the big pink button and head on over to Dribbble to watch the feedback roll in

Made for Teams

Our integration supports Dribbble Teams, which means your individual designers can share prototypes on behalf of your team, which will attract even more attention.

“Here’s a winning game plan: Conceptualize and hash out your designs with your team using InVision, then share those creations with Dribbble’s show-and-tell community,” said Dan Cederholm, co-founder of Dribbble.

More eyeballs means more validation and direction for ideas before they hit production, which saves massive amounts of time—and even more massive headaches.

For Dribbble Pro users

We’ve got one more goodie, specifically for the Dribbble Pro users on the court. Starting today, anyone with a Dribbble Pro account can get 6 months of InVision for free.

We figure Pro status on Dribbble is good enough for us, so we invite you to check out the prototyping and collaboration features of InVision—on the house.

That means you can get started for free, so you can prototype till the cows come home. And you’ll need that to crank out all these new Dribbble shots.

Give it a try

Find the new Social Share button inside any InVision project and take us for a spin. Open your design process and see what happens.

When adding tags to your Dribbble Shot, use “made with InVision”, and we’ll collect and share some of our favorites.

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