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Designers and developers, these new DSM features are for you. Both of you.

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Danielle Levite
  •  Sep 24, 2019
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As a company scales, the challenge to create digital products at a hyper-competitive pace becomes all too real. A connected workflow gives your team the direction it needs to build faster and release creative, consistent products that own the screen.

We’ve supercharged InVision Design System Manager with new features that will change the way design and development work together by helping your team ship beautiful, impactful products together—faster. The new DSM creates a single source of truth that powers design systems at scale.

Here are some highlights:

Bring live components into DSM with Storybook

Our new Storybook integration maps coded components to design counterparts for detailed insights that empower developers to build quickly. With access to the right code and the right documentation in the tools you already use, you can start building stat.

Access DSM data directly in Inspect

DSM data is now available in Inspect, removing the guesswork and providing ready-to-go code. Developers can easily grab the information they need to bring smart products to customers’ screens in no time.

Build a successful design system with dedicated help

Spinning up your first design system can seem daunting. With Design System Kickstart, a custom service for DSM Enterprise customers, our dedicated experts can help your team get you up and running fast. Or, work with one of our certified Agency Partners—Basalt, Phase2, Modus, Rightpoint—for the strategy and hands-on assistance you need to launch and scale a winning design system.

Ready to connect your teams to scale smart? Learn more and jump in here.

Dive in deeper into our new developer features with these video tutorials:

…and more DSM tutorials here.


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