Recap: Elevating design through education

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Jennifer Aldrich
  •  Aug 26, 2016
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With the technology industry moving at breakneck speed, creating educational programs at higher-ed institutions that keep up with that pace is a seemingly impossible task.

Jake Rogelberg of Designer Hangout sat down with Aarron Walter, InVision’s VP of Design Education, to discuss the current state of design, options for design education, and ways for designers to keep their skills sharp.

When asked about the current state of design in the technology industry, Aarron had this to say:

“Design is becoming more influential in our industry because consumers are becoming ever more sophisticated. They know the difference between a good experience and a bad experience. As design becomes more valuable in the marketplace, design becomes more valuable in the boardroom.”

“Consumers know the difference between a good experience and a bad experience.”

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On design education and the role of design bootcamps, Aarron advised:

“Right now, it’s an interesting time. Tools are maturing, the industry is starting to mature—there’s a lot of opportunity in design right now to do more. Our traditional education systems are slow to adapt to catch up with technology. Technology moves very fast, and education doesn’t. You know, that’s a bad thing, but it’s also a good thing, right? Its tradition gives us a broad understanding of critical thinking and philosophy and lots of different topics. It’s far older than us, and it’s important for us to know. But our technology industry is moving super fast and there’s just no way for education to keep pace. So, these boot camps, they’re like educational supplement organizations that help fill the gaps for people.”

When asked how designers can keep their skills sharp, Aarron recommended engaging with the local community through volunteer work:

Take on some pro-bono work for a non-profit in your area.Twitter Logo Build your portfolio, practice what you’ve learned, work with a client—it’s just going to help your career.”

Loving these quotes? They were all only 10 minutes into the AMA! Check out the full recording here to learn more.

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