Embed your InVision prototypes into hundreds of places

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Clark Wimberly
  •  Dec 22, 2015
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At InVision, we believe that sharing a prototype is just as important as building one in the first place. It’s why we’re always working to bring you new ways to discuss design out in the open and collaborate.

Which is why we’re excited that you can now embed your fully-functional prototypes virtually anywhere you go for feedback online.Twitter Logo

Here’s how it works: simply grab your InVision share URL like normal, then paste it somewhere that supports Embedly linking (there are hundreds of sites, and a free WordPress plugin for your own site). Automatically, the link will be expanded into a clickable prototype.

You know what? It’s easier if I just show you. Check out the GIF below to see the new embed feature in action as I share a prototype directly to Twitter:

This new feature is ready to use now. Simply jump into a project, grab your InVision share link, and start collecting feedback!

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