World-class design security—introducing InVision Private Cloud

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Kayleigh Karutis
  •  Apr 6, 2017
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Design is a lot more than pushing pixels—it’s your company’s visual library of how to drive your business forward. Design assets, then, are some of the most potent strategic currency your team holds.

Organizations like IBM, Airbnb, Visa, and many more trust InVision to not only power their product design process, but to protect it—with industry-best, market-leading security tools and 24×7 monitoring and alerting.

Today, we’re excited to announce a new addition to InVision Enterprise security, to expand the options your organization has for managing and securing your most important data and assets.

Introducing Private Cloud—world-class security for the design-driven enterprise.

Private Cloud provides a controlled environment that is managed and hosted by InVision. That means complete isolation of data flow from input to database.

It also means team members have the ability to access company data from anywhere, anytime, supporting today’s modern, on-the-go workflow while ensuring data security.

Leading consultant firm McKinsey & Company was an early Private Cloud customer—VP Digital Prashant Agarwal advocated for it because he saw an opportunity to keep design moving quickly while adhering to the security requirements and company best practices.

“InVision’s security and user management features are essential for us. We use InVision for both internal and external projects, so controlling who has access to what, and when, is a must.” –Prashant Agarwal

When organizations have trusted tools to easily view and manage their company’s data, they can clear the way for their team to collaborate and build better, together.

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