Breaking out of the nine-to-five, with Simon and Moose in ep. 3 of “Greater Than Avatars”

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Sean Blanda
  •  May 21, 2019
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When we read about successful freelancers, we often only get the end of the story—the triumphant moment where the designer has a steady wave of clients while they casually Instagram the moments in between.

But the journey to setting up a freelance shop isn’t that simple. Or easy. And it’s time we talked more about the real-life journey than the social-media-ready destination. That’s why we’re pleased to partner with designer and filmmaker Dann Petty to present episode three of Greater Than Avatars, a profile of Cymone and Cedric Wilder aka Simon and Moose.

Both siblings have full-time gigs while freelancing remotely on the side. Which means they work during the day only to come home and continue working on their craft at night (and earning money to pay those student loans).

In this episode they discuss:

  • How an underwhelming college experience actually helped their development
  • The daily schedule of a freelancer with a full-time gig
  • The always-in-progress design practice and how the siblings learn from one another

It’s a candid look at two talented designers doing one of the most difficult things in the world: starting their own business.

Watch the full series on Dann Petty’s YouTube page or watch episode one featuring Matt D. Smith and episode two featuring Funsize on Inside Design.

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