These are the songs designers listen to when they want to get in the zone

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Kristin Hillery
  •  Jan 18, 2019
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It’s Monday morning. You’ve got mockups for a huge project due by Friday and you haven’t even started on the UI animation you need to present to your team on Wednesday. Where to even begin?

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When I’m having a tough time focusing, I’ve found the best two things to kickstart my productivity are: 1. coffee and 2. a good playlist. While I sadly can’t send you a double espresso, I can share the songs designers in the InVision community told us they listen to when they want to get in the zone. Scroll down to see each designer’s pick, and then listen to the whole playlist on Spotify.

Jodi Martin, Product Design Coordinator at Wayfair

Ginny Wood, Product Designer at Zendesk

Devin Lindsay, Senior UX Designer at 3M

Radhika Bhatt, Interaction Designer at Fjord Digital Studio, Accenture

Richard Wood, Co-pilot at Cheddar Creative

Sarah Leroy, Specialist Visual Designer at Deloitte Digital

Jessica Miller, Founder at Corvus Design Studio

Jamie Bell, Head of Brand and Content at Flywheel

Anne Porter, UX Designer, Research at Hearst Newspapers

Caleb Kyle, Interaction Designer at Fjord

Natalia Trawkowski, Art Director at Crate and Barrel

Jessie Rogers, Senior Content Strategist at Wayfair

Sneha Keshav, UI Designer at IrisVR

Anna Stanley, UX Lead at Capricorn Society

Eliana Bettio, Product Manager at Nirovision

Jannicke Sætre, Digital Designer at Degree Consulting

Can Aslan, Product Manager and UX Lead at Kolay

Evangelia Mokos, Graphic Designer, Madovar Packaging

Ben Cohen, Head of Marketing at Torca

Victor Romijn, Onboarding Consultant at Appical

Patricia Gusso, Designer at Hotmart

Robin Floris, UX Designer at Mediamoose

Marco Riccio, Web Designer at Rif Raf srl

Filipe Gonçalves, Lead Product Designer, Geoblink

Amy Sincock, UX and Content Strategist at KOJO

Alexey Yudin, UX/UI Designer at

Alok Dubey, UX Designer at Aasaanjobs

Gurpreet Singh, UI/UX Designer at BuildSupply

Stina Westberg, Design Director, Leeroy Group AB

Bohwa Choi, Graphic Designer at Stitched

Daniel Benney, Creative Director at Pobble Education

Andrea López, Design Team Lead, Movetia

Tabea Scherer, Design Lead at Hyper Island

James Mason, Senior Creative at Cubic

Ferran Alvarez, UX/Interaction Designer at Worldsensing

Jamie Ford, Designer at Whitespace

Listen to the whole playlist:

Header image by Ashutosh Sonwani on Pexels.

What’s your favorite song to listen to while you’re working? Tell us on Twitter: @InVisionApp.

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