Introducing Freehand—A whole new way to collaborate creatively from InVision

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Kayleigh Karutis
  •  Aug 2, 2017
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It’s been incredible to see what you’ve built with Craft Freehand since we launched it earlier this year. It’s even become a go-to tool for our own team here at InVision! From wireframing to creative exploration, presenting to collaboration, Freehand is a digital whiteboard built to do it all, in real-time.

That’s why we’re delighted to share that Freehand is now available directly inside InVision, as a brand new “document” type living alongside your InVision prototypes and Boards.

It’s all your favorite tools, prototypes, whiteboards, and projects, now in one central place.



Freehand is an infinite shared whiteboard space for creative collaborationTwitter Logo, letting you and your team—across your entire company—explore ideas in real time.

As design grows as a powerful force in business and beyond, we’re constantly looking for ways to make bringing your entire team together easier—and more fun.

Freehand gives everyone on your team the power to share their ideasTwitter Logo in a way that makes sense to them, whether that’s sketching, drawing, dropping images and inspiration, or typing up their feedback in a comment box.

Freehand lets you:

  • Add artboards or images from Sketch and Photoshop
  • Hand off control to your teammate, and follow them as they present
  • Co-draw to share sketches and rough ideas
  • Undo, redo, and scale
  • Zoom in and out, infinitely
  • Comment to share your feedback
  • Save and share your work
  • And lots more!

Anyone can use Freehand, and it works for any project type—mobile, web, tablet, and more. Collaborate on the go, or settle in for a brainstorming session on your desktop.

It’s never been more clear—good design is good for business, and great ideas can come from everywhereTwitter Logo. Get your whole team together to build better products, faster, with Freehand.

Collaborate in real time on a digital whiteboard