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Run better design reviews and keep feedback all in one place with Freehand + Figma

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Diana Buccella
  •  Nov 4, 2022
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Freehand makes work more connected, creative, inclusive, and impactful. With the InVision plug-in, users can do all of their design work in Figma but collaborate cross-functionally directly within Freehand. 

Keep the collaboration going—without anyone needing to jump into your design files.

Create, test, and develop new ideas; unify and connect team members, improve workflows, maintain a single source of truth, and more efficiently make actionable decisions. Collaborate at any point with stakeholders, giving individuals the visibility and know-how they require to drive work forward. 

Simplify the review process 

When work is ready to share, simply embed the selected artboards from Figma into InVision Freehand.

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Easy to navigate user feedback? Yes, please. 

Whether you’re testing design iterations or UX copy, you can add the context and content you need to make reviews more focused and effective. Share your work for feedback, and keep that feedback in one place. Collaborators can easily add their thoughts with interactive tools like sticky notes and emoji reactions.

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