Freehand joins the Miro team

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Michael Shenkman
  •  Nov 15, 2023
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We’re thrilled to announce that Miro has acquired Freehand. 

InVision has always been at the forefront of collaboration, by first rethinking how designers operate within their organizations. Those initial insights were the foundation for our core design collaboration platform that touched thousands of teams around the world. 

But beyond that, as a fully remote team ourselves, we had to pioneer new models of work. We developed Freehand as an in-house tool, and it soon became so popular amongst our team that we included it with every seat for our customers. And now, we’re excited to work with Miro to support Freehand’s ever-growing ambition. 

With this acquisition, Jeff Chow, our former CEO, is moving to Miro as Chief Product and Technology Officer, along with several members of the Freehand Technical and Sales teams. In turn, I’m taking over as InVision’s CEO. 

InVision will operate as before, supporting our global customers that use our design collaboration tools and I have the privilege of working alongside a strong team in this next chapter. 

Best, Mike

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