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New: We’ve made Freehand available to everyone

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Jeff Chow
  •  Jun 15, 2021
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Over the past year, we’ve been focused on finding new ways for teams to share and evolve ideas. This period has been transformational in the way teams work, but many companies are still desperate for better ways to collaborate remotely. In fact, we recently surveyed 613 knowledge workers and found that 48% are still struggling to feel connected to their team.

To solve this, we collaborated with our customers to release new features and functionality in one of our most loved products—InVision Freehand. We leveraged our own expertise in remote work and the practices of top-performing teams to create a tool that helps everyone across a company work better together.

Companies like Amazon, Xbox, WPP, IBM, Zendesk, and Anthem have been using Freehand to bring together the insights and expertise of their teams in new and exciting ways. So today, we’re excited to make InVision Freehand available to even more people with a new, curated experience—complete with new pricing options, a new home experience, added flowchart functionality, and an even better Microsoft Teams integration.

Easy for anyone, free for everyone

Since the start of the pandemic, we’ve seen close to a million people, from recruiters and marketers to strategic planners and creatives, turn to InVision Freehand to communicate and visually collaborate. But for those who didn’t need access to InVision’s powerful prototyping and developer handoff tools, the experience of accessing Freehand came with a few distractions.

That’s why we’re introducing a new stand-alone experience just for Freehand. When you sign up for a Freehand plan, you’ll automatically see a filtered home experience, focused just on Freehand. Plus, you’ll get access to new learning courses and templates with a wide variety of use cases.

The icing on top? Freehand is free through September 30, 2021. Afterwards Freehand will have both a free and a paid plan for $8 per active user. For organizations with advanced team and security needs, Freehand Enterprise is available today. Our hope is that with this new plan dedicated to Freehand, we can make effective visual collaboration easy and inclusive to everyone. (So make sure to tell your friends in Marketing, HR, and Recruiting. The more the merrier!)

Hand in hand with your favorites

One of the top ways new customers have discovered Freehand is through our  integration with Teams and its 145 million daily active users. With our existing integration, teammates can share and collaborate on a Freehand directly from a live meeting on Teams. With our latest release, organizations can also add a permanent place for Freehand within Teams that gives everyone access to their Freehand documents and templates without having to change context.

Deceptively simple, surprisingly robust

We designed Freehand to be so simple it feels familiar the first time you try it. We also crafted it to be flexible enough to evolve with your team and organization’s needs. With our latest update, you can create more sophisticated flowcharts, diagrams, process maps, and org charts with sticky line connectors and new shapes.

We built Freehand to transform the way you work together. With this latest release, we want to bring this transformative way of working to even more people. Help us share the news.


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