Designers: Do your best work with 6 powerful templates

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Ellie Kulick
  •  Jun 6, 2022
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Templates sometimes get a bad rap–especially among designers. There’s often this unspoken sense of “if I didn’t make it myself, I can’t be proud of it” and of course we all want to be proud of our work.

At InVision we have a different take: templates help our design teams see things from new angles, foster inclusion on group calls, and help us move faster as a team. 

Below are six purpose-built templates by design teams, for design teams, that help you move from ideation to execution with more creativity, inclusion, and speed.

Ignite creativity and innovation with Brainstorm

Spark inspiration with your team! Whether you’re brainstorming with other designers or you’re running a cross-functional brainstorm, jump into the Brainstorm template with your collaborators to ideate on your next big idea. 

Showcase inspiring work with Lightning Demo

Inspiration is all around us. Use the Lightning Demo template to do a round of show and tell with your team to share inspiration work you’ve found to support your own ideation.

Get design feedback from your team with Design Critique

Feedback and critique is what makes us all better. Share your work in the collaborative Design Critique template to get valuable feedback from your trusted partners — all in one place.

Think critically about proposed solutions with Design Deep-dive

Bring minds together to think deeply and critically about design concepts and product solutions before you move to production with the Design Deep-dive template. Your team — and more importantly, your customers — will thank you. 

Move from design to code in a snap with Design Handoff

Handing off design screens for implementation no longer has to be a headache for you or your engineering team! Leave it to the Design Handoff template to give your developers the view they need to bring your designs to life. 

Reflect, connect, and grow with Team Health Check

Teamwork makes the dream work, but it takes commitment to help your team flourish. Use the Team Health Check template to check-in with your teammates and grow together. 

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