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New: Freehand Templates, built for the whole team

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Kacy Boone
  •  Jun 11, 2020
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Here at InVision, we’re always looking for ways to solve some of the biggest challenges in the modern workplace, and that starts with listening to our customers—whether it’s the one-person design team at a local business or our partners at all 100 of the Fortune 100 companies. In the past couple of months, it’s become apparent that teams need a central, user-friendly space where they can quickly and freely visually communicate. While life looks different for many, the day-to-day tasks of brainstorming, whiteboard-style interviews, retrospectives, diagramming are the same. They’ve turned to Freehand, our endless digital whiteboard for just that. And it seems like they’ve even shared their love for the tool as well: We’ve seen a 130% increase in active Freehand users since the beginning of March.

Because we’re hosting so many new users, we’ve gone back to our own metaphorical whiteboard and did a little housekeeping, starting with a new slate of improvements to help teams during this time. Just last month, we recently debuted Sticky Notes and easier drawing tools like shape selection and alignment. And it seems like these updates have provided some well-needed structure and  organization into our users’ lives: 70,000 sticky notes have been created in the two weeks since launch. But we’re not stopping there on our quest to get teams collaborating faster than ever…

Introducing: Templates for teams

Today, we’re excited to announce another new feature to Freehand: Templates. Based on what we’ve heard from our customers, one of the biggest obstacles to launching a project is starting from scratch. So we’re helping jump-start the process with curated templates for the most common whiteboarding activities for product teams. Not only will these carefully-crafted templates help you create new ideas and improve productivity, you might also find they’ll inject more creativity into your work.

Getting started with a template is easy. If you already have an InVision account (or if your team does), the new Freehand is available to you now! Simply log in to your InVision account and click the “+” to get started. If you don’t have an InVision account yet, you can sign up here. Once you create a new Freehand, you’ll have the option to select one of the six new templates. 

There are no bad ideas. Get the team to ideate together with our template for freeform creativity.

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What worked? What didn’t? Gather your team’s thoughts with this template built for looking back.

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With ready-to-go mobile and desktop elements, you and your team will have everything needed to build wireframes fast.

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This template helps teams collect and share updates in a short and to the point format.

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These fun and easy games are designed to help teams get the ball rolling and creativity flowing.

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Map out your information architecture and user flows with pre-built arrows and objects.

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Bonus: Pre-built arrows

Speaking of arrows, say goodbye to drawing those three-lines to introduce an idea flow. Pre-built arrows are now available to use in Freehand. Select any line you’ve drawn and you’ll see a new option to start and end the line with a dot, arrow, or flat end.


These Freehand updates are just one more example of how InVision is creating a home for the whole team to create and build together. We hope these updates empower you and your team’s creative collaboration today. And don’t worry—we’re not done yet: Sign up to stay tuned for more Freehand innovation in the months to come.


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