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New in Freehand: 6 updates that’ll bring joy (and confetti) to your work

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Andrew Cullen
  •  Sep 8, 2020
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We could all use a little more fun and encouragement in our work these days. Whether it’s starting off a meeting with an icebreaker game or taking the time to check in with your colleagues, a culture of camaraderie and positivity keeps teams that are physically distant from feeling socially distant.

Freehand, our digital whiteboard, has been the go-to place for teams to co-draw, write, and have fun together—and our newest updates allow teams to take their creativity to delightful new heights. Today, we’re bringing fun, animated reactions to Freehand, along with support for voting, version history, image exports, and more.

If you already have an InVision account, these new improvements are now available for you! Simply log in to your InVision account and click the “+” to get started. If you don’t have an InVision account yet, you can sign up here.

New ways to express yourself

Bring joy to your freehands with Reactions

Drop one of seven animated emojis anywhere on your canvas with Reactions. That little rush you get after a teammate leaves a party popper on your contribution? Unparalleled. (We won’t blame you if your freehand ends up being covered with hearts and laughs either.)

Vote for your favorite ideas

Tally up team votes on ideas after a brainstorm. Simply tap on any existing reaction on the canvas to add on and count up votes.

Stress-free collaboration

Keep objects in place with locking

We hear you: Participants accidentally moving things around during a workshop is such a pain. That’s why you can now lock any object on your freehand, so anyone can get involved without creating complications.

Ditch the stress with version history

Speaking of losing work, you can now bring back previous versions of your freehand. Rest easy knowing you can edit and collaborate fearlessly.

Export your freehand as an image

You no longer need to take screenshots of your team’s work. You’re now able to export your freehand to a .png and easily share with collaborators.

Smoother drawing and organizing

Choose your color up front with a new toolbar

We’ve freshened up the toolbar in Freehand so it’s easier to switch colors. (It also helps you keep track of which color you’re currently drawing with!)

Organize your thoughts into a grid

If you’ve got a bunch of sticky notes you want to organize, simply select all and drag to automatically organize into a grid.

We hope these updates make collaboration with your team a little more fun and a whole lot easier. Still missing something you need to work better? Let us know! All of these improvements came straight from requests from customers like you. 


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