New: An updated Freehand that’ll help you work faster

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Kacy Boone
  •  Mar 2, 2021
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No project takes a perfectly linear path. Today’s work requires revisions, feedback, and flexibility to get to its final destination.

Using rigid tools (word documents, slides, screen design tools, etc) for a fluid process usually means a more difficult and less productive experience for everyone. To get free-flowing collaboration, you need tools built for flexibility and spontaneity; tools tailored to help ideas quickly emerge and evolve; tools designed to complement a team’s expertise. Tools like InVision Freehand.

With Freehand, our online whiteboard, your team has the tools to brainstorm, critique, align, and reflect. And these latest updates help you accelerate your team’s process even more than ever before.

Easier rearranging

Group objects to refine your work faster

No need to painstakingly adjust individual items within Freehand. Get back time in your day with the new ability to group text, shapes, and other objects.

Focused feedback, faster

Link to a specific place in your Freehand

Collaborators, say goodbye to zooming in after joining a freehand. Precise spots can now be shared via deep-linking. Simply select a text box, shape, or image, then open the *** menu to select ‘Copy link’.

Curated collaboration

Manage sharing

Coming later this month: Instead of giving everyone the same access, you can now control who does what. Share with your whole team or choose who to invite.

Guided practices

Get inspired with new templates from the world’s top teams

We’re introducing a new series of templates designed to help teams do their best work. Brainstorm with a crazy 8s brainstorming template from Salesforce, plan with a marketing strategy template from Monday.com, and run effective meetings with a meeting agenda template from Microsoft Teams.

Salesforce is a trademark of Salesforce.com, inc., and is used here with permission.

These updates are now available to everyone. To get started, log in to your InVision account and click the “+” to create a new freehand. If you don’t have an InVision account yet, you can sign up here.

We hope these updates help you transform your work and get faster feedback. Still missing something you need to work better? Let us know! These improvements came straight from requests from fans like you. 

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