Introducing FreehandsOn: The tactile future of remote collaboration

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Evan Doyle
  •  Apr 1, 2022
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Since the beginning of the pandemic, workers have flocked to InVision Freehand as a replacement for their in-office whiteboard sessions. Now, as professionals around the world return to the office their perspective–and needs–have evolved. We interviewed thousands of customers and many of them said the same thing: “I find myself yearning for the tactile experience of a whiteboard, with the simplicity of sharing on a Zoom call.” 

With Freehand, InVision lifted digital collaboration and productivity for hybrid and remote teams up to new plateaus. Now, we’re ready to present a revolutionary new way to realize digital collaboration that is so real you can touch it.


With the world’s first Tactile Digital Whiteboard System, FreehandsOn, any remote or hybrid team can bring the natural, instinctual flow of hands-on work to any virtual meeting. With our proprietary analog stylus, you can draw, write, and point. You can even undo with a swipe of your finger. The surface is compatible with sticky notes, magnets, and even stickers. Hold the FreehandsOn in front of any webcam and your team’s ready to hold the future of your company’s success in the palm of their hands.

Optimize your workflow with the FreehandsOn HandsFree peripheral

Ready to take Tactile Digital Whiteboarding to the next level? With the additional HandsFree peripheral you can affix the FreehandsOn to any laptop for unconstrained, two-handed operation. 

Simply use the HandsFree to position the FreehandsOn in view of your laptop’s webcam.

The benefits of Two-Handed Tactile Digital Whiteboarding include:

  • Limitless Hand Gestures. Bring your ideas to life with wilder, more expressive hand gestures. Say someone just contributed brilliantly, hit them with a “finger gun, finger gun, blow the smoke, double thumbs up, wink, wink” maneuver! With the FreehandsOn HandsFree system, the entire lexicon of professional hand gesturing is in your hands.
  • Flexible Marker-to-Hand Alignment. With both hands free, marker-to-hand alignment supports both right- and left-handed operation. 

CAUTION: Users may experience a significant weight imbalance when using the FreehandsOn HandsFree that will cause your laptop monitor to shut itself under the added weight of an entire whiteboard and the sturdy steel construction of the HandsFree mount. No problem! Simply use one of your HandsFree free hands to hold the monitor open!

With FreehandsOn remote collaboration is as simple as 1,2,3,4

1. Use the FreehandsOn Catalog System to place your order

Ordering your FreehandsOn is as simple as using a phone book. Request our catalog to find the FreehandsOn model uniquely compatible with your laptop, and mail your order along with the processing fee of $89.99*.

*three easy payments of $89.99

2. Experience white glove delivery, using secure locations

With a solution this impactful, you’re dealing with some precious cargo. That’s why we’ve partnered with three conveniently located corner stores “around the world” to ensure safe and secure delivery of your FreehandsOn system. Place the order to your nearest Authorized Delivery Center* and pick it up at your earliest convenience.

*not authorized

3. Install the FreehandsOn HandsFree to any compatible laptop using the included anchor and screw set

If you’ve mounted a TV or replaced the transmission in your car then you can install the FreehandsOn HandsFree system. Simply, drill two pilot holes into your laptop’s monitor, insert the anchors and screw the HandsFree system in place. 

Pro-tip: have an extra laptop on hand in case USER ERROR in the drilling process renders your current machine inoperable.

4. Bring your team together and let the collaborative sparks fly

Boot up, log in, position your FreehandsOn HandsFree system in front of your webcam, and you’re ready to go. When your team’s experiencing Tactile Digital Whiteboarding for the first time, they’ll be amazed at the simplicity and speed at which ideas flow.

Request your FreehandsOn Catalog today, and experience the next generation of collaborative, digital, tactile whiteboard–anywhere, anytime.


My coworkers are having a hard time seeing all the details on my FreehandsOn. What can I do?

There are many potential factors that contribute to a degraded sharing experience. Please insert the support CD-rom included with your purchase to run the troubleshooting wizard. 

If your issue is not resolved through the troubleshooting wizard, please contact our support team to schedule an onsite visit with one of our licensed technicians.

How do I reduce the glare on my FreehandsOn?

For those sharing in direct sunlight, glare may be an obstacle to sharing your whiteboard. We recommend positioning the brightest light source directly behind you, to ensure there is no glare on your FreehandsOn.

Everything I share is backwards for my coworkers, is my FreehandsOn defective?

Some webcams and video chat software mirror your image on video. When this occurs, simply write backwards for your coworkers. This has the added benefit of engaging new areas of your brain, sparking new and innovative ideas.

I ordered my FreehandsOn 15 weeks ago and still haven’t received it.

While this is not a question, we understand your concern, and are deeply committed to fulfilling all orders of FreehandsOn. Due to supply chain disruptions, all orders of FreehandsOn are delayed until mid 2023.*

*Dates subject to change.

Can I get a refund?

All sales are final, however in select cases we can issue a store credit for use on any other FreehandsOn models or accessories.

Is this real?

Happy April 1st!

InVision Chief Product Officer Jeff Chow and SVP Design Stephanie Mencarelli, provide a tour through the new InVision, shine a light on our recent innovations, and provide an exclusive preview of what’s to come.

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