Friday inspiration: paper

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Margaret Kelsey
  •  May 29, 2015
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No matter how comfortable we get with screens, they’re rarely the starting place in the creative process. That’s why, this week, we asked you to share your hand-drawn notes, sketches, and prototypes.

Take a peek at what your fellow creatives are doodling about.

Sindy Sinn, Illustrator Dude
Pelle Martin, Creative Director and Founding Partner at Spring/Summer
Tad Carpenter, Partner/designer at Carpenter Collective
Craig Ward, Typographer and Art Director
Kaling Cheng, Designer and Marketer
Lee Munroe, Product Design Lead at Mailgun by Rackspace
Mig Reyes, Designer leading Brand and Marketing at Basecamp
Benjamin Wiederkehr, Interaction Designer and Managing Director at Interactive Things
Antonio Carusone, Product Designer
Jenna Marino, Creative Director at Univision
Matthew Smith, Partner at The Fathom & Draft
Franz Jeitz, Freelance Graphic Designer
Matthew Manos, Founder, Managing Partner/Global Strategy Lead of verynice
Kate Manos, Design Director at verynice
Matt W. Moore, Artist/Designer

Natalie Kuhn, Interaction Designer with Fjord
Stephan Ango, Co-Founder and Design Director of Lumi
Michael Flarup, Designer
Paloma Contreras, Interior Designer and Blogger
Wilson Miner, Director of Digital Design at The California Sunday Magazine
Tony Ruspantini, Chief Innovation Officer of DesignProv

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