Friday inspiration: what’s in your workbag?

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Margaret Kelsey
  •  Mar 6, 2015
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Can the quotidian be interesting? This week, we asked you all to dig deep—into your work bags. After cleaning out a few wrappers and receipts, here is what a few of you are toting around on a daily basis.

Spoiler alert: there are lots of Field Notes and knolling about to happen.

Levin Mejia, Designer & Front-End Developer

Dom Goodrum, Design Director at Percolate

Patrick Durgin-Bruce, Co-Founder and Creative Director of Ultravirgo and Mymo

Tyson Whiting, Designer at Vox Media

Jackie Balzer, Head of Front-end Development at Behance

Bedirhan Cinar, Product Development Manager at TED

Nick Schaden, Web Platform Lead at Pocket

Taylor Davidson, Investor in Residence, Venture for America, and Managing Director, Unstructured Ventures

Thomas Brodahl, Creative Polymath

Shane Zucker, Art Director

Sean Klassen, Founder & Designer at Legwork

Scott Stemke, Designer and Co-Founder at Bondfire Inc.

Ryan Chapman, works at BOMB Magazine and author of Conversation Sparks

Rena Tom, Founder of Makeshift Society

Raffaele Colella, Co-founder of Cannonball

Matt Convente, Lead Front-End Developer at Grovo

Matthew Williams, Product Designer at Etsy

Mallory Box, Graphic Designer

Kitt Hodsden, Developer at Shopify

Brandon Makes, Co-Principal and Designer at Course

Jonathan Snook, Lead Front End Developer at Shopify

Jonathan Hise Kaldma, Creative Director at Plotagon

Keir Whitaker, Shopify Design Advocate

Jean Ellen Cowgill, President of Atlantic Media Strategies

Helen Rice, Creative Director and Co-founder of Fuzzco

CJ Kihlbom, Founder of

Chris Fohlin, Director of Business Development and Outreach at Brooklyn United

Carl Collins, UX Designer at ADP

Prerak Patel, Product Designer

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