Friday inspiration: workspaces

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Margaret Kelsey
  •  Feb 20, 2015
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Your workspace has to work for you and be both creative and inspiring. For this week’s inspiration, we called on y’all to share your workspaces—and you delivered! Check out the 24 gorgeous places these lucky people get to call their offices.

Jared Erondu, Creative Director at Teespring

Sarah Azpeitia, Product & UX Designer at Refinery29

Ed Mullen, Principal at WPNYC – The Washington Post’s New York City design studio

Jay Fanelli, Co-founder of Cotton Bureau

Matt Leiker, Senior Product Manager at Perka

Jeff Sheldon, Founder and Designer of Ugmonk

JD Graffam, Owner of Simple Focus, Ballpark and Pulse

Hugh Weber, Curator at the Institute of Possibility and Founder of OTA

Andrew Mercando, Product Designer

Ian Axton, Creative Director @studio24

Roberta Montagnini, Web Designer @studio24

Julie Ng, UX Developer

Joe Chrisman, Senior User Experience Designer at nclud

Geraldo Diaz, Product Designer

Kati Patrick, VP of Creative Strategy at PCG

Viktoria Harrison, VP of Creative at charity: water

Joshua Sortino, Designer at Teespring

Scott Rogers, Engineering and Design at Carlypso

Coleen Baik, Independent Designer

Stu Smith, Partner at Sputnik Creative

Jonty Sharples, co-founder and CDO at Hactar

Mike Fortress, Partner at Oak

Diggory Gordon, Creative Director at Nixon Design

Gabriela Ospina, Visual Designer

What does your workspace look like? Tweet us a photo using #WorkspaceInspiration, and let us see!

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