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Clair Byrd
  •  Nov 2, 2015
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Designing screens that are logical, easy to use, and beautiful has never been more important. Users now recognize good design versus bad, and make usage decisions based on that new understanding.

Even traditionally brick and mortar institutions, like banks, are stepping up their digital experience game through new apps and digital products—which means designers are becoming more important to businesses everywhere.

With this increasing pressure from both users and businesses to have amazing digital experiences, a solid understanding of modern user interface design principles is critical for all designers.

I’m happy to introduce to you our second title in our design e-course series: Fundamental UI Design by Jane Portman, Principal at UI Breakfast.

About the course

“A free course about UI design principles that’ll make you a better UI designer.”

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Fundamental UI Design is a 5-part course, arriving weekly via email. It’s filled with lessons covering the most critical parts of the UI design process from research to launch—all of which are designed to make you a strong, well-rounded screen designer.

You’ll cover design process mastery, design hierarchy, designing user behaviors, information architecture, responsive design, navigation and control design, conversion, onboarding, and visual style, plus more important topics.

Each section is filled with takeaways and action items for you to try out on your next project. It’s also really well sourced, with tons of context links, which means your reading and learning can continue long after the course ends.

The course is totally free, delivered weekly straight to your inbox. Head on over to the Fundamental UI Design page to sign up.

About the author

Jane is an independent UI/UX consultant from Russia who helps software businesses make more money with strategic design. Previously a creative director at a large agency, she launched a successful productized consulting service, and now works on her third book, The UI Audit.