Illustrator turns each ‘Game of Thrones’ season 7 episode into a GIF

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Kristin Hillery
  •  Sep 12, 2017
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Last year, Tel Aviv-based illustrator Eran Mendel created a GIF for every season 6 episode of Game of Thrones. We were stoked to see he did the same thing for season 7.

Will these GIFs hold us over until season 8 premieres in 2018? Definitely not, but they’re still pretty great. Check ’em out below, and read about Eran’s process for creating seamless looping GIFs here.


Episode 1: Sam explores new frontiers



Episode 2: Sam waxes Jorah


Episode 3: A goodbye kiss



Episode 4: A Targaryen always sprays her debts…



Episode 5: A feast for crows



Episode 6: Toying with the enemy



Episode 7: Rider on the storm



Episode 7 bonus: Eran says, “How could I seal this season without referring to one of its biggest moments? (Most of) you asked for it—and I was happy to deliver this season farewell.”


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