Google wants to help you coordinate the art in your home

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Will Fanguy
  •  Mar 30, 2018
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Following closely on the heels of their Art Selfie app, Google’s Arts & Culture Experiments division has released a new product called Art Palette, which is all about color.

According to Digital Trends, Art Palette is “a search engine that finds and categorizes artworks based on the colors you choose. You can either upload a picture, or just play around with the different color combinations at the top of the screen. The algorithm uses machine learning to sift through thousands of images that match the color palette you uploaded.”

Using “computer vision algorithms,” Art Palette can look at a work of art and find its color palette — think of it almost like painting in reverse.

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Damien Henry, Experiments team lead at the Google Arts & Culture Lab, told Architectural Digest, “Color has always been one of the most fundamental elements of art, and we’ve been discussing how we might analyze and experiment with it in some way. Originally we looked at how pigments have evolved over time. For example, if you compare the colors of the Renaissance to the palette of modern-day street art, there’s huge variation! Rather than simply creating a data visualization and timeline, we wanted to do something more interactive that everyone could use. That’s how we came to use machine learning and create this beautiful, easy-to-navigate method of understanding connections through color.”

You can download the Arts & Culture app for iOS here and for Android here.

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