Facilitate collaboration and create team alignment with a project kickoff

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Laura Furlong
  •  Aug 8, 2022
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We’ve all been there — the project that has gone off the rails. Whether it be miscommunication, missed deadlines, unhappy stakeholders, or a combination of all three, it can result in an unsuccessful project. While there are many reasons for a project to take a turn, most often the reason for underperformance is team misalignment.

So how do you ensure a project’s success and alignment? Start the project off by getting everyone on the same page with a project kickoff.

A couple questions you might have…

  • What is a project kickoff and how does it facilitate collaboration and alignment?
  • How do you run a successful project kickoff with your team?
  • What do you follow up with after a project kickoff?

But have no fear, the Project Kickoff Guide is here. Along with addressing some of the above questions, this guide will help you run a successful project with helpful tips, useful suggestions, and more. Check it out to get started on your project kickoff.

Already know how to have a project kickoff but want to utilize Freehand for the next project kickoff meeting? Try our Project Kickoff Template.

How can you ensure a project’s alignment and ultimately, its success? With Project Kickoffs!

This collaboration exercise is the best way to make sure everyone is on the same page from start to finish. Give your team the opportunity to agree upon goals, objectives, deadlines and communication methods in this collaborative process.

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