Private beta: Inspect—pixel perfect handoffs and engineering collaboration

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Clair Byrd
  •  Aug 26, 2015
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Update 11/15/2016: Inspect is now available to all InVision customers. Read more about Inspect here.

Recently, we’ve been thinking about how we could make InVision even more useful for other folks involved in the product design process—particularly, for developers.

So we started building Inspect by InVision, a pixel-perfect way to hand designs off to engineering. Editor’s note: We’ve renamed this feature Inspect after early feedback from our beta groups. Thanks!

We want to make the design handoff process easier, more accurate, and less frustrating by building a way to help designers and engineers come together around designs before the handoff. No more massive handoff documents, long email threads, and endless rounds of revision!

“Inspect helps you hand off designs to engineering pain-free.”

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Inspect helps you hand off designs to engineering pain-free. Create stylesheets, get pixel-perfect comps, discuss design challenges, export adaptively, and generate real code for any design element.

We’re working hard to get Inspect ready for public beta. Stay tuned for updates!

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