Design to development with Inspect, now for Photoshop

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Kayleigh Karutis
  •  Dec 15, 2016
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We recently released Inspect, a free tool that supports your team’s design to development workflow like never before.

Inspect lets you and the developers on your team generate code with a click, gather key information like font names, hex codes, image specs, and dimensions, and a lot more. And today, we’re excited to release Inspect, now for Photoshop.


With Inspect, your development teammates can quickly get the information they need to start building products faster. Inspect works seamlessly with Craft Sync for Photoshop. Just sync your designs from Photoshop to InVision with a single click—right inside Photoshop!—and you’re ready to use Inspect to generate code, gather specs, and more.

Together, Inspect and Sync support your team’s complete design to development workflow, whether you choose to create in Photoshop, Sketch, or both!

New to InVision? Learn more about Inspect.

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