Introducing DesignBetter.Co—the essential guide to product design

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Eli Woolery
  •  Aug 8, 2017
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Good product design is difficult. Like any craft, good design requires mastery of many practices—for individual designers and across design teams. Challenges like coordination, effective communication, and transparency become magnified as teams grow and companies scale.

At InVision, we’re committed to transforming the way individuals, design teams, and companies practice product design. We want to see companies of all sizes elevate their design practice for success.

That’s why we’ve created DesignBetter.Co—the essential guide to the world’s best design practices. We interviewed dozens of leading designers at companies like Google, Airbnb, Netflix, Facebook, Slack, and more to discover the design practices that will help you transform your design practice and push your organization to create better products.

DesignBetter.Co features:

  • 3 immersive books, rich with design knowledge from experts. As you read, explore best practices in product design, immerse yourself in design thinking, and uncover how to become the design leader you’ve always wanted to be.
  • The DesignBetter.Co Podcast, full of deep conversations with design luminaries like David Kelley of IDEO and the Stanford, Irene Au of Khosla Ventures, Alex Schleifer of Airbnb, and more. This season, explore with us what it means to be a product-driven company. You can download the episodes on iTunes here.
  • Powerful workshop opportunities, designed to help bring the lessons of DesignBetter.Co to life for your team. Beginning this fall, apply to host one of our workshops or webinars and help elevate your team’s design practice.
  • Countless real-world examples, exercises, audio interviews, and more, created to make DesignBetter.Co as practical as it is illuminating

We hope you and your team enjoy DesignBetter.Co, and continue to visit as we add new books, podcast episodes, interviews, workshops, and educational content.


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