Beyond prototyping: InVision updates that take collaboration to the next level

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Julia Farina
  •  Apr 20, 2021
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Prototyping is an essential step in product creation. Yet prototypes don’t always come with the context needed to build out a design, nor do they offer a designated place to brainstorm or iterate. That’s why we’re excited to announce a few InVision updates that better integrate prototypes into your team’s collaborative workflow.

Send screens from a prototype to a spec or freehand

A faster publishing workflow

Save time by turning your prototypes into distinct collaborator experiences. As of today, you can publish screens to a spec for better developer handoff, or to a freehand for a remote workshop or digital whiteboard session—all directly from your prototypes.

As designs evolve, you can quickly update linked documents from the main prototype via our new sidebar.

New to Specs

No assets left behind

Specs create common ground between designer vision and developer precision by bringing everything together, all in one place. Now developers can save even more time with Specs’ improved view that surfaces design assets front and center. No more clicking around for files!

New to Freehand

Interactive comment mode

Point, click, contribute! Freehand’s new commenting and @mention feature allows you to intuitively continue the conversation from real-time workshops and reviews to asynchronous iteration. It’s also now easier to keep track of exchanged feedback and shared insights.

These updates are available today with an InVision V7 account. Within a prototype, simply select screens and click “send to.” You can also click on the right sidebar menu tiles to kick off a whiteboard session in Freehand or send screens to a spec for developer review.

Try it now

Our goal is to give your team what they need to do their best work. Are we missing anything? Let us know! These improvement requests came directly from people like you.

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