THE LOOP, a short documentary about design thinking at IBM

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Claire Karjalainen
  •  Nov 14, 2017
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General Manager of Design at IBM Phil Gilbert and his team have achieved something remarkable over the past 4 years—they’ve created a design thinking transformation at the 100-year-old tech giant, and they’re starting to see business outcomes.

We had the privilege of exploring the IBM design thinking story up close—and we’re pleased to bring you THE LOOP. Our short documentary features candid interviews with Phil, Distinguished Designers Adam Cutler, Doug Powell, and Liz Holz, and many other IBMers on the front lines of the transformation.

“The foundation we’ve established over the last 4 years is something that I don’t think has been seen for decades in this company.”
– Adam Cutler, Distinguished Designer, IBM

THE LOOP dives into the challenges of this kind of culture change at scale. How do you create a design program that fits into your company’s unique culture? How do these programs spread and scale? How do you tie design thinking programs directly to real products with real market impact? How do design thinking and strong legacy products work together? Where to even begin?

Discover IBM’s answer to all these questions and more in this inspiring look into one enterprise’s journey. Watch the video here.

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