Meet the new InVision mobile app

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Sri Vemuri
  •  Oct 12, 2018
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Updated Friday, October 12, 2018 : We’ve updated this post to reflect the changes and additions to the InVision mobile app on Android!

Today, we’re excited to introduce the latest update to our InVision mobile app for iOS and Android (beta). The new app adds features like Studio mirroring for mobile design reviews, digital whiteboard support that brings a collaborative canvas to tablets on iOS, and several performance upgrades on Android. Combined with existing mobile features, like viewing and commenting on prototypes and Boards, you can design better, faster, together—on the go.

Mobile design reviews with Studio mirroring

Designing mobile experiences from a desktop can be tricky because you’re using clicks and drags to create tap-and-swipe experiences. With Studio mirroring for iOS and Android, you can mirror your mobile designs from Studio to the InVision mobile app by scanning a QR code.

As you design on the desktop, you’ll see those changes update in real time on your mobile device. This way, you can present and user test your Studio design as a mobile experience—gestures, animations, and all.

Share your ideas more expressively on tablets and smartphones with our online whiteboard app Freehand

Freehand is InVision’s collaborative whiteboarding canvas to sketch and share ideas as a team that’s even better than gathering around a whiteboard in person. You can use Freehand to wireframe, plan, draw, scribble notes on your InVision prototype, and more—throughout the entire design process. Before today, this experience was available on a web browser. Now you can create and collaborate on a Freehand through the ease of a native mobile app—a perfect use case for your tablets and pencils. (This feature is only available on iOS)

The full power of InVision—on mobile

You and your team can collaborate and comment on prototypes and Boards, sketch with Freehand, mirror Studio designs, and more. Here’s the full recap of what you can do with the InVision mobile app:

  • View, share, and comment on prototypes and Boards
  • View Studio presentations and mirror them directly
  • Draw, sketch, write, and collaborate on freehands in real time
  • Keep feedback organized and stay up to date with Conversations
  • Push notifications to notify teammates as soon as they’re mentioned
  • Offline access to project work—pick up where you left off from anywhere

Collaborate in real time on a digital whiteboard