InVision Product Updates: May 2022

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Sarah Whyte
  •  May 24, 2022
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This month, InVision is sharing more ways to connect tools and integrations to the Freehand canvas that will help you add fun and creativity to your next brainstorm, gather feedback and make design decisions faster, and ensure stakeholder alignment at every step of the project. 

Let’s check ‘em out: 

Bring together fun and function

Give your next Freehand a little more personality by including your favorite Spotify playlist or Giphy — while staying connected on important project details with Google Calendar and Maps integrations.

Keep design work connected

Gather collaborator feedback and rally around designs with improved Figma, Adobe XD, and Craft for Sketch integrations.

Get your team on the same page

Create alignment at every step of the project by bringing stakeholders together with the Coda and Jira integrations. 


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