InVision Studio jams: Freestyle design magic

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Andy Orsow
  •  Nov 30, 2017
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InVision’s design team is cooking up more digital product design goodness in this latest batch of Studio jams.

As we continue to prep Studio for “primetime,” the InVision team is having fun with design experiments. We’re calling them “Studio jams.” In the ramp up to launch, we’ll be looping you in on the behind-the-scenes action—so, much more to come.

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New around here? Learn about InVision Studio, the world’s most powerful screen design tool, here.

Now, let’s get to the newest jams!

Studio jam #1: Noam Liss, Enterprise Product Designer

InVision Product Designer Noam Liss designs his way out of the upside down in this Stranger Things inspired prototype—a dynamic take on an entertainment UI.

“What’s more fun than watching #StrangerThings? Creating this #StrangerThings inspired prototype in #InVisionStudio! ⚡️” @noamliss

Studio jam #2: Charles Patterson, Mobile Product Designer

Charles also approached a TV/film concept, but in the context of a mobile app. This prototype is a companion app to his previous Studio jam.

“Hey team, what’s happening? I’ve been excited about making this swipe interaction because of the amount of moving parts. #InVisionStudio handles it like an absolute dream!” @charlespattson

Over the next couple of months, we’ll be dropping more design jams on Facebook and Twitter. Learn more about Studio here, and make sure you sign up for early access to stay in the loop!

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