InVision Studio jams part deux

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Joseph Angelo Todaro
  •  Nov 17, 2017
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We unleashed our designers on InVision Studio to see what they could quickly create—and the results don’t disappoint. Check out round 2 of our Studio jam sessions below.

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The real fun comes after we launch InVision Studio in early 2018, when we get to see the inspiring things you’re creating. Until then, enjoy these sneak peeks.

Studio jam #1: Noam Liss, Enterprise Product Designer

Here’s a quick concept for how Muzli might keep you inspired on the move. You can scroll through the latest inspiration, view similar posts to the ones you view, and save them for later.

“Turned to #InVisionStudio to quickly concept a mobile app idea that would take @usemuzli’s design inspiration with me, on the go!” @noamliss

Studio jam #2: Steven Fabre, Studio Product Designer

Check out smooth, advanced swipe interactions in this Apple Watch prototype. The animation moves naturally and in sync as you swipe.

“Mixing it up in #InVisionStudio with light mode today ⚡️. You’ll spot some new, smooth, advanced swipe interactions in this Apple Watch prototype.” @stevenfabre

Studio jam #3: Charles Patterson, Mobile Product Designer

Charles did a quick jam in Studio, creating an entertainment/movie themed UI. Layout, design, and animation—all in under 15 minutes.

“Light mode = on ⚡️ Made this in under 15 mins using #InVisionStudio ? What’s your fave, light or dark mode? Or both!” @charlespattson

Over the next couple of months, we’ll be dropping more design jams on Facebook and Twitter. Learn more about Studio here, and make sure you sign up for early access to stay in the loop!

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