Introducing InVision Studio—the world’s most powerful screen design tool

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Clark Valberg
  •  Oct 17, 2017
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Good screen design shapes human interaction. It’s often the difference between a product you love and one you simply use—between products that thrive and those that lag behind. Because of this, designers are more eager than ever to elevate their craft. Unfortunately, today’s design tools don’t always satisfy the needs of designers and their teams. Worse, the fragmented nature of these tools can lead to a disjointed, disorganized workflow.

We understand these far-too-common frustrations and believe design teams should be free to focus time and energy on building great digital experiencesTwitter Logo. That’s why we created InVision Studio—the world’s most powerful screen design tool—to help you push your vision and your craft to new heights.

InVision Studio

When our Studio team accepted the challenge of creating a bold new solution to the obstacles faced by designers, they did it with a deep appreciation for the art and science of digital product design, insights gained by working closely with some of the world’s best design teams, and finding inspiration in how they create the world’s most beloved products.

We crafted every pixel of InVision Studio to answer their needs and harness their power. Now, that power is yours.

At Airbnb, part of the design team’s job is to make our user experience effortless. InVision’s existing tools are already a key part of our workflow, and this latest addition will absolutely help us streamline our process and close the gap between first design and final product.
– Lucas Smith, Airbnb Design Tools Manager

InVision Studio is more than a screen design tool. It’s a unified digital product design environment with features that empower creation and collaboration like never before:

  • An adaptive layout engine to effortlessly enable responsive design
  • Rapid prototyping and advanced animation for dynamic motion design
  • Shared design systems to help your team stay consistent, connected, and up to date
  • Seamless collaboration with InVision’s cloud-based workflow for frictionless feedback
  • An open platform for user-created add-ons and kits delivered through our app store

And all of that? It’s built right in. This is the design tool we’ve always wanted.
We’re excited to share it with you.

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