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Design for iOS 10 efficiently with Craft Library + this UI kit

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Kristin Hillery
  •  Sep 22, 2016
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Beginning on Friday, September 14, 2018, we will no longer offer the Craft Library plugin for Sketch. You'll still be able to continue managing shared libraries and design systems within InVision’s Design System Manager. For more information, check out this Help Center post.

The Craft Library plugin from InVision LABS lets you quickly create shareable, atomic design systems and style guides right inside of Sketch. For designers working on iOS apps, Craft Library just got even better thanks to a beautiful new—and free—UI kit from our friends at Great Simple Studio.

The best part? They’ve included a dedicated Craft Library file that has all the usable components broken out and ready to play with, right out of the box.

The UI kit contains:

  • 62 iOS 10 screens—made with iOS Human Interface Guidelines in mind
  • More than 250 components optimized for Craft Library
  • Resizing options
  • Symbols
  • Styles

In the Craft Library file, you’ll find the core iOS GUI: a collection of components like top bars, inputs, buttons, icons, text styles, and color palettes.

Ready to start designing your next iOS 10 app? Download the free kit.

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