Working with Jira and InVision Studio just got easier. Again.

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Mike Davidson
  •  Apr 10, 2019
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Today, InVision is taking the latest step towards developing new tools that bring designers and developers closer than ever. We are happy to announce:

  • The immediate availability of the new Jira app for InVision Studio
  • Enhancements to the InVision App for Jira

This is the latest effort aimed at streamlining handoffs and making it easier than ever for teams to collaborate and create amazing customer experiences. This work is, in part, due to the strategic relationship between Atlassian and InVision, which was announced last year.

With the Jira app for InVision Studio​, designers can now view and act on Jira issues from within their favorite screen design tool, allowing them to stay in the flow and avoid having to hop back and forth between different environments. The app is available from within InVision’s Studio App Store, which is now available in public beta for users of InVision Studio 1.12.

But what if most of your workflow is in Jira, not Studio? After all, many other members of product development teams spend much of their time in Jira documenting work, discussing details, and closing issues. Having to jump into a design tool to see the details of a particular interaction introduces unnecessary friction. To solve this, ​we’re introducing enhanced prototypes within Jira. Starting today, here’s what teams will be able to see directly from within a Jira issue:

The best work happens when you’re focused on what you’re creating—not how. This app is the latest in a series of efforts designed to help you do great work in the environment you are already most comfortable in, and there’s much more to come.

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