Transform the sprint process with DesignBetter.Co and Adam Perlis

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Kaysie Garza
  •  Sep 27, 2017
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When it comes to design sprints, there’s no one better to learn from than a master. And Adam Perlis, founder of Academy UX & Design Thinking Innovation Studio, has earned this status by overseeing redesigns of TIME, Fortune, and

But spearheading massive transformations isn’t all he’s known for. After leading creative teams at AT&T, NBC Sports & Olympics, and many other Fortune 500 companies, Perlis’s reputation came to encompass exceptional skills—and a tried-and-true process.

“Design sprints have the ability to shift your organization’s attitude toward Design. They are a tool that will nurture and build a collaborative ‘human centered design’ culture across all facets of your business. This results in building smarter, valuable, and important innovations that endure. Once mastered, they will be an integral part of your strategy and the way you do business.” – Adam Perlis

In addition to being a great leader, Perlis also knows what it takes to create exceptional, functional products. His work has been featured on Awwwards, The FWA, and TechCrunch.

Now, Perlis is joining forces with DesignBetter.Co to host a day-long design sprint workshop in New York.

On October 26, the Big Apple’s greatest innovators, executives, product managers, and designers will gather to explore the process Perlis has relied on throughout his successful career.

In addition to navigating each step of the sprint process with Perlis, you can expect to learn:

  • How to confidently lead a team through a sprint
  • How to define and prioritize challenges
  • How to identify crucial business and product questions
  • How to decide what concepts to test under extreme time constraints
  • How to integrate design sprint methods into your product development calendar—and your normal workday
  • How to produce a huge quantity of solutions to various challenges
  • Plus, lots more!

At InVision, we value design thinking and aim to champion smart creative processes in the community. That’s why bringing learnings into the real world is a crucial differentiator of DesignBetter.Co.

Join us—along with Adam Perlis—for the hands-on workshop in New York. Learn more here and sign up!

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