Organize your mind’s way of thinking with mind maps

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Laura Furlong
  •  Aug 16, 2022
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Ever wonder how to organize a mind’s way of thinking and processing information in a constructive, actionable way? Enter mind maps, an effective diagram used to determine and organize how minds process information.

Mind maps, commonly used in brainstorming processes, are an integral part of exploring and highlighting important information, creating connections between thoughts, and providing clarity for both individuals and teams in a brainstorming session. In fact, they are so essential to an effective team brainstorm session, there is a Mind Map Template in Freehand dedicated to the process.

Now you might be thinking…

  • What is a mind map and who uses them?
  • What are the benefits of using a mind map?
  • How do you get started and create a mind map?

Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. The Mind Map: Essential Field Guide will answer all these questions and more. Check it out and learn more about how you can leverage mind mapping in your team’s upcoming brainstorm sessions.

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Check out our Mind Maps Guide now to learn more on how to effectively use mind maps in your next team brainstorm.

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