Prototyping for iOS and Android is now instant, offline, and awesome

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Andy Orsow
  •  Apr 9, 2015
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InVision v5 is just around the corner, but we just couldn’t wait to share our latest mobile prototyping updates with you—check ‘em out.

Real-time mobile previews

Now all InVision prototypes update on your phone or tablet instantlyTwitter Logo when you add or edit screens and hotspots. Which makes InVision an even better platform for real-time exploration of interactions and on-device design previews, no matter what design tools you use.

So now you can:

  • Update designs on the fly and preview them on your iOS or Android phone or tablet
  • Test different animations and transitions in real time
  • Add new screens mid-preview
  • Fix, add, and edit hotspots instantly
  • Get answers to “What if…?” much, much faster

(Hint: It’s even faster when you sync your source files with InVision.)

Offline mobile prototypes

Many of you test your mobile products in the field—and that can mean spotty connectivity. Which is why we’re happy to announce that InVision mobile prototypes now work offline, too!Twitter LogoJust load your prototype on any mobile device and you should be good to go, no matter how many bars you do—or don’t—have.

Just make sure you’ve given your prototype time to load before you hop offline.

Let us know how you like it!

Give us a shout on Twitter at @InVisionApp if you have any questions, comments, or just want to share the love.

Good to know: Projects over 50MB may take some time to cache in the background, so be sure to give your bigger projects time to load before going offline. If you know that you won’t have connection, run through it once in Airplane mode for good measure.

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