The inspiration behind Nike’s new Track + Field branding

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Emily Esposito
  •  Jun 20, 2018
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Nike is adding another level of energy and momentum to their Track + Field visual identity, taking inspiration from a running track that athletes are all too familiar with.

Partnering with Leeds-based creative agency Studio Build, they revealed a bold new set of visuals made up of the triangular forward arrow, or “acceleration graphic,” found on running tracks. That single graphic is then incorporated into the designs in different patterns and at various scales to highlight the “authentic language of track.”

The original Track + Field 2016 branding also took design inspiration from track markings, but in a black, white, and red color scheme. The new identity focuses more on the arrow imagery and is presented in a black, white, and blue color palette.

“All of the compositions are created in a grid format,” said Michael C. Place, Creative Director of Studio Build in an article in Dezeen. “By creating these in a strict grid, the spirit and precision of the Track and Field is accurately represented.”

“It was really interesting and challenging to make something as simple as the acceleration graphic (which is essentially just a triangle) to not only convey speed and dynamism but also build a graphics system that can be used for all manner of applications without looking tired.”

This new branding will be applied to advertisements, banners, apparel, and events soon.

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