Our top 5 blog posts of 2014

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Clair Byrd
  •  Dec 30, 2014
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We had a great 2014. We surpassed 600,000 users and launched LiveShare, TETHR, integrations with Photoshop and Sketch, and a lot of other awesome resources to help you become a better product designer. As the year wraps up, we wanted to sincerely thank you for making these things possible, and also share with you our top posts of 2014.

1. A comprehensive reading list for and by designers

Being big bibliophiles here at InVision, we asked some of our favorite designers to recommend the book that inspired them the most this past year. Check out the 75 most popular answers and the top designers who recommend them, plus 5 inspiring periodicals.

2. 7 tips for designing awesome GIFs

Here at InVision, GIFs aren’t just for goofing around—they play a powerful part in our marketing and education. Heck, we even opted to use GIFs on our home page instead of fancy code-based animations.Eventually, people started asking, “How do you make those GIFs?” So we figured it was time to spill the beans.

3. Inside design at SoundCloud

We’re tracking down InVision users inside the world’s most amazing companies to discover their favorite tools, inspirations, workspace must-haves and the philosophy behind what makes them so awesome. We chatted with Sarah Kranz, product designer at SoundCloud, about finding inspiration in communication, living in Berlin, and leaving a legacy.

4. The big list: 40 rock solid design & prototyping resources

Seeing your ideas come to life quickly is a really rewarding experience. Which is why prototyping can be so much fun. But finding the right resources for your project can be a huge pain. We put together a list of some of our favorite icons, design kits, apps, and resources to put to use as you’re bringing your ideas to life.

5. 10 UX copywriting tips for designers

All too often, tech companies lack the writing staff to get copy written for every single interface, ad, and interaction. Which means that designers like you often end up speaking directly to customers. Here’s a few tips to help you make the most of your user interface copy, broken up into sections on writing, editing, and design.

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